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Delaware Governor's Energy Advisory Council Public Meeting


Governor’s Energy Advisory Council: Renewable Energy and Clean Technologies Working Group Dec. 7, 2023 Meeting
State St. Commons Training Room
100 W. Water St., Dover, DE.
9am to 12pm

The working group will finalize its recommendations to the Council. It is important that offshore wind be given an integral role in the overall recommendations, and not just a consideration.
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SIOW Report

In response to interest from Delaware state government and citizens, the Special Initiative on Offshore Wind (SIOW) has prepared this report, providing an analysis of the anticipated price of electricity from offshore wind power as well as guidance and options for the state if it decides to initiate a procurement process.

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Offshore Wind Facts


Slides shared with POWER in September, 2023 on the Economic and Workforce Benefits of Offshore Wind.
From Sam Salustro, Vice President of Strategic Communications, Business Network for Offshore Wind.

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There are health and climate benefits of offshore wind facilities in the mid-Atlantic United States.
Electricity from fossil fuels contributes substantially to both climate change and the health burden of air pollution.

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Climate Change

Climate change is speeding toward catastrophe, UN panel says.
A new report says it is still possible to hold global warming to relatively safe levels, but doing so will require global cooperation, billions of dollars and big changes.

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Sports fishermen off Block Island, RI, find that the underwater structures of offshore wind turbines enhance fishing. Commercial fishermen have concerns.
The data shows that recreational anglers fare well near offshore wind turbines. Some commercial fishermen are troubled by the location of offshore wind turbines and the possibility of tangling their gear on the turbine underwater structures.

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Simulations show what offshore wind turbines will look like. Data shows an uptick in AirBnB reservations following installation of a small wind farm.
Offshore wind developer specialists have worked out how an offshore wind farm will look under varying conditions, showing simulations to illustrate their point.

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Making Landfall

Shore residents have a particular interest in how and where landfall will take place.
They want to know how it will look and if it will disturb the environment.

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BOEM Lease Areas

View Bureau of Ocean Energy Management maps of the area off Delaware’s coast, and learn about BOEM hearings. What has POWER said at the hearings? What are DNREC’s comments?
BOEM controls all offshore wind activity 3 miles from the shore out to the edge of territorial waters.That is the area where offshore wind projects will be located. All federal permits required of offshore wind developers are handled by BOEM.

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“Wind energy can be a powerful factor in protecting the birds that we love,” says the Audubon Society. Read about guidelines for protecting seafaring birds.
Bird lovers want to see birds protected, fearing deadly collisions. Climate change is an even greater threat, you will read.

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Marine Mammals

There are no data or evidence linking whale mortalities to any one specific factor, including offshore wind development.
NOAA, the Marine Mammal Commission, and the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management all find no connection between whale strandings and offshore wind.

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