Op Eds and LTEs

Delawareans talk about offshore wind. Commentary shows what experts as well as ordinary citizens are thinking about offshore wind.

Letter from Director of the Special Initiative on Offshore Wind to rebut false claims
While offshore wind requires capital expenditures at the outset, it represents an incredible opportunity and is a worthwhile investment.

Tourists won’t mind offshore wind turbines
If people are not driven from our shores by the ugly cargo vessels, which are much closer to shore and more visible than the wind turbines would be, then they won’t be driven away by wind generators.

Prof. Willett Kempton and Kris Ohleth tell why state legislation is essential to start an offshore wind project for Delaware, April 25, 2023
Now is the time for Delaware to start, by legally defining a procurement process for offshore wind power.

Prof. Willett Kempton and Kris Ohleth discuss why we need an offshore wind project for Delaware, Feb. 7, 2022.
All of Delaware’s Atlantic Coast neighbors have set targets for offshore wind for their states, and their utilities have signed contracts for power. Plus, as of last year, Delaware has a renewable-energy goal of 40%, which will be difficult to meet without offshore wind.